Out of Hours Emergency

Is your property managed by us and you have an emergency maintenance issue while our offices are closed? Call our usual property management phone number at 0208 749 15 16 and one of our dedicated members of staff will deal with it for you.

Please remember, if your call is not deemed an emergency, you may be charged for the call and the issue will be dealt with the next working day.

If a contractor attends and the issue turns out to be user error or it proves not to be a genuine emergency you may be held liable for all the costs incurred.

Please also take note of the below before contacting us.

• Fire or fire alarm sounds – call: 999
• Smell Gas – call The National Grid: 0800 111 999
• Noise Disturbance - Report a noise nuisance to your council.
• Crimes in progress – Call: 999
• Community police matters – Call: 101
• Electrical failure - Call The National Grid: 0800 111 999
• Street light out
• Issues with your water supply or water leaks outside of your property – call Thames Water: 0800 714 614 (or relevant water board)

If you do not have any electricity please check the fuse box to ensure that the fuses have not tripped and if not contact your supplier.  

Please see the list for types of issues that we are unable to deal with outside of normal office hours:

• Washing machine repairs
• Blocked Drains - the tenants responsibility as per your AST
• Pest Control - the tenants responsibility as per your AST
• Noise Incidents and any other Anti Social Behaviour - contact your local council
• Central Heating - should be left on a minimum temperature to prevent pipes freezing. If you are going to be away it is your responsibility to make sure the heating is left on.
• Rent and Account Enquiries - the tenants are responsible to have a bank standing order in place for the rent to be paid on or before the due date, as per your AST

If you have any questions regarding this service please do not hesitate to contact us during our normal office hours.