Selling property


Selling your property is like anything else the more we put in, the more we get back — instruct a NAEA member and make sure you have a knowledgeable, professional agent to do the hard work for you.

Do your homework - find out about the market

  • Use a Mathesons agent's knowledge of the local market, not all areas are experiencing the same conditions, they know what is selling at the moment and why.
  • What type of purchasers are you targeting — retired, family, buy to let or investor, what are they likely to be looking for — does you home meet their needs.
  • Get an idea of the competition — what other properties are your potential purchasers viewing — how does your home stack up against these?
  • Ask your agent about the different methods of selling and marketing your home- what about auction or closed bids, would you consider an "open-house" day. Ask what they would recommend for your home.

    You also need to take a good look at your property — whilst it is not feasible to add an extra room or move it down the street, there is a lot we can do to "present" your home in buyer-friendly way

  • After the winter everything tends to look a bit jaded and tired — make sure that the garden and the exterior of the property provide a welcoming aspect to all visitors
  • It is important that potential buyers can visualise themselves in your home — make sure that you keep the decoration clean and neutral and hide the family clutter.
  • Developers spend thousands of pounds "dressing" show homes, visit a couple of local developments for some ideas of how you can display your rooms to the best advantage. Don't forget these show homes may be your competitors.

Remember - Mathesons agents will have extensive knowledge of the local market but no one knows your home as well as you do — so work in partnership with your agent to make sure you get the best deal from your sale. Instruct a professional NAEA estate agent.

We will make sure you avoid the 5 classic mistakes of selling your home

Looking desperate — keep your cool, otherwise potential purchasers will be put off or put in an offer considerably less than the asking price. You need to be positive about the product (your home) you are selling otherwise your potential purchaser will pick-up the wrong vibes.

Targetting the wrong buyers — if your home is ideal for a small family make sure that it has the features that buyer is looking for - e.g. if your target is first time buyers, you may wish to consider including appliances, curtains & carpets in the asking price.

Lack of research — know the market - look at what other properties are on the market, how quickly they are selling and how they compare to yours.

Know your property — measure the rooms, find out about local amenities etc. You may not use public transport but your potential buyer might.

Poor presentation — make sure your home is clean and tidy and then stage it: TV shows or local show homes are a great source for ideas how to present your home to its best advantage. Remember you are also part of the show so make sure you present the desired image — if you feel nervous about viewings, ask your agent to help.

Over Pricing — we all want the best price for our home, but if over priced the property will stay on the market for a long time and then we are back to our first point, "Looking desperate". Your Mathesons agent is the property professional and they will be able to give you objective advice on pricing and market conditions. You are paying for their expertise make sure you get value for money.

Selling property is full of pitfalls and it is easy to get it wrong, so talk to your us to ensure you get the best professional advice on how to avoid these traps and achieve the best deal.